Our success and company history

Elevating Industry

Australian Lift Components (ALC) has designed and manufactured high-quality elevator fixtures for major projects and elevator companies in Australia for over 45 years. With a comprehensive range of products and services, excellence in design and superior quality, we are proud to be the largest in the country.

ALC has offices across Australia and can service overseas markets such as New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia and China with dedicated sales personnel, specialist engineering and production teams whilst backed by the global resources of Dewhurst plc.

Our product ranges include not only custom fixture design and manufacturing but also customised lift display design with onsite support.

We are the Australian distributor for GAL door operators and Hollister Whitney elevator products including rope grippers, governors, safeties, VVVF geared and PM AC gearless elevator machines. We are a distributor of the Avire product range, including safety edges and lift displays.

Over A Century of History


The company was founded in November 1919 by Melbourne Dewhurst and Howard Marryat known then as Dewhurst & Partner.

Starting off in a small repair shop in Hatton Garden and later moving to a new premises in Inverness Road.  It was from here, single-handed, Melbourne Dewhurst developed a wide range of designs based on his technical knowledge and practical experience which based the future manufacturing development of the company.


After the war considerable expansion took place for a 10 year period – a seller’s market gave a wonderful opportunity to enlarge  and extend the manufacture of control equipment for cranes and machine tools.

Significant expansion took place at the Inverness Road site and the total number of employees towards the end of 1950’s was approximately 800 people.

1960’s to 1990

In 1962 Alan Dewhurst took over as Chairman and in the late 1960’s and 70’s was the start of the new period of process innovation with the introduction of moulding and stainless steel colouring, as well investment in NC sheet metal equipment.

In 1976 we won a Design Council Award for the vandal resistant lift pushbutton and this signalled a major advance in this range of products, which proved to have a wide market both at home and overseas.  This vandal resistant development extended into the rail and ATM market for London Underground and NCR for ATM keypads.

The Recent Years

In our 75th year, we bought Thames Valley Lift Company.  Richard Dewhurst took over as Chairman and the company entered into a new period of expansion.  It could be said that it has been reborn again in the last 15 years.  The biggest change during this period has been to extend the geographical and product spread of the business.

In the last 15 years the Group has gone from a business at Hounslow with one Canadian subsidiary to a global business with over a dozen operating subsidiaries over 4 continents.

Dewhurst Group Worldwide

We are proud to be part of the Dewhurst Group which operates across four continents, supplying quality components to the lift, transport, and keypad industries